Macquarium is proud to present a free series of innovation and marketing workshops. These fun and collaborative learning sessions will focus on the constantly changing landscape that today’s marketers have to deal with. The series will be focusing on innovation, future trends and best practices. We aim to give attendees the actionable insights and processes that they can implement within their own organizations. 

Our workshop offerings are our Making Everyday Objects Smart Workshop and our Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping Workshop.

Making Everyday Objects Smart Workshop 


Event Overview:
Smart devices and products are the start of a new form of human/computer interaction. These smart products and services will transform the way we work, rest, and play. This fun, interactive 2 hour workshop will introduce the concept of the internet of things (IoT) and its four domains. You will have the opportunity to work as a team to transform an everyday object into a smart product. Additionally, you will understand how smart products can enable new services, changing our retail relationship from one of buying products to one of buying experiences. You will then work as a team to create a new service inspired by your smart product.


Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping Workshop 

Event Overview:
A Customer Journey Map is an articulation of the experiences customers have when they interact with a company. In this fun and interactive workshop you’ll learn: how to identify the various stages in the customer’s journey, understand the role of empathy, how to identify existing touchpoints and look for opportunities to improve the experience.